Yellowhammer Wool

Yellowhammer Wool(B)Yellowhammer Wool comes from sheep born and shorn at Randle Farms in Auburn, AL. We sell natural undyed and hand-dyed wool products from our flock of Dorset/Tunis/Finn cross sheep. We are the farmers, the shearers, the dyers, and the sellers (we get a little help with the spinning). That means that before this wool arrives to you in the mail, we have seen the lamb be born, taken care of her needs for years, and used her energy to create a product of which we can be proud.

. If you’re a hand-spinner interested in purchasing whole fleeces, we have more than you can imagine. Please contact us.

Why Yellowhammer Wool?

0501151608~2Sheep are a rare sight in Alabama, especially the ones covered in wool. We’re proud to care for one of the few and oldest wool sheep flocks in the state. We’ve chosen to raise sheep because they are incredibly efficient producers of meat and fiber, perfect for our rolling hills and fragile soils. To reflect that unique story, we chose the name Yellowhammer. Yellowhammers, or Northern Flickers, are the state bird of Alabama and frequent visitors at the farm. (Franklin also happens to be a pretty serious birder.)  Our wool is a product of the great state of Alabama, and also our local ecosystem which nurtures our family, our flock, and all the creatures around us – Yellowhammers included.