Thanksgiving Pastured Turkeys Available Now

10438124_10152866693054544_7017794064060793892_n (1)It’s time to place your order for a turkey raised on the farm and ready for pick up the week of Thanksgiving. The turkeys are raised on pasture and processed on the farm. We raise a breed called Bronze, which is considered a heritage breed by The Livestock Conservancy. This breed is quick to adapt to ranging on open pastures and dodging native predators. Our turkeys¬†also taste great – just ask Chris Hastings and Martha Stewart!

Our turkeys cost $5/lb and average around 10 lbs. (We will make every effort to provide a larger or smaller bird by request if available.) By placing a deposit on a turkey, you guarantee that you’ll have a locally raised centerpiece for your family’s holiday¬†meal. The deposit will be subtracted from the total cost of the turkey when you pick it up at the farm the week before Thanksgiving. Sorry, we cannot ship turkeys.

You can place your order in our online store.

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