On Sale June 11: Onions, Pork, Lamb

blueberryThe farm store will be open this Wednesday 3-7 pm, and Saturday 7am – 7pm. It’s officially blueberry season! We will be open for blueberry picking from 3pm – 7pm, but keep an eye on the weather. There’s a good chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday, and you won’t be able to pick if it’s nasty weather. We will also be open on Saturday for picking, 7am – 7pm.

Pre-picked blueberries must be ordered ahead of time. You can place an order here, and will receive a confirmation email letting you know when to come pick them up. No pre-picked blueberries will be available for sale unless you have placed an order. (Since this is the first week, pre-picked blueberries will only be available on Saturday.)

If you’re interested in tickets to the farm dinner, they’re available for purchase online. You can find them here.



  • Lamb sausage: $8/lb
  • Ground: $10/lb.
  • Leg Roast: $10/lb.
  • Shanks: $10/lb.
  • Chops: $12/lb.
  • Riblets: $3/lb.
  • Soup bones: $3/lb.


  • Breakfast sausage: $6/lb
  • Pork chops: $7/lb


  • $4.50/lb

Local Honey – From Jesse’s Girls Honey

  • 2 lbs: $20
  • 1 lb: $10
  • Honey bear: $7.50


  • 1 dozen: $4


  • $3/lb
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