On Sale April 30: Lamb, Chicken, Eggs

Come out to the farm store from 3–6 Wednesday afternoon to pick up these farm-fresh foods. Lamb, eggs, and chicken from Palmer’s Pastures will be available. Strawberries will not be available this week because of all the rain.

If you’ve always wanted to try roasted leg of lamb, it’s not as hard to prepare as you think! Here’s a recipe for an easy slow-roasted leg of lamb.


  • Ground: $10/lb.
  • Leg Roast: $10/lb.
  • Shanks: $10/lb.
  • Chops: $12/lb.
  • Riblets: $3/lb.
  • Soup bones: $3/lb.


  • Whole, frozen: $4.50/lb.


  • 1 dozen: $4
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